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Bristol Property Division Lawyer

During a divorce, one household needs to be divided in two. This means that the assets and property that were acquired during the marriage need to be divided equitably, or fairly, between the spouses. The Court can consider any asset acquired during the marriage as a marital asset without regard as to who owns it or has title to it.

While this may seem like a less complex task, many clients are often surprised by what can be included as part of the division of property. Some of the common assets that can cause questions during the division of property include:

  • Retirement accounts — The amount that a retirement account increases during the marriage is subject to division and sometimes requires a specialized order called a Qualified Domestic Relation Order (QDRO).
  • Small businesses — Even if you built the business yourself, it can be subject to division in a divorce. Valuation is often a major issue. We can bring in accountants and business valuation specialists to assist in this determination, if necessary.
  • Homes that were owned before marriage — If you owned your home prior to the marriage, the equity it has gained during the marriage may be divided.

These and other property division issues make it imperative that you secure the representation of an attorney who understands how to help you achieve your goals for the division of property in a divorce.

Decades Of Experience, Commitment To Offering Real Hope

Attorney Margaret M. Hayes understands the financial impact that the division of property can have on an individual as he or she leaves the marriage. Property division also affects items that have emotional value such as personal items, and even pets, which the law views as personal property. Margaret M. Hayes understands how to help her clients secure the best possible resolution to the division of property.

Contact Farmington Attorney For Asset Division In Divorce Margaret M. Hayes

When the division of the marital estate is being decided, let Bristol property division attorney Margaret M. Hayes help you fight to secure the best possible outcome to your situation. To schedule an initial consultation, call 860-589-4121 or contact us online.

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