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Bristol Child Support Lawyer

When the courts in Connecticut have to decide on child support obligations, they are required to utilize a formula that is contained within state child support guidelines. These guidelines look primarily at income. Specifically, the Court can consider up to 45 hours of employment per week as income.

Beyond income, the formula also determines each parent's share of:

  • Medical expenses
  • Dental expenses
  • Daycare expenses

One area where the guidelines are somewhat lacking is that they assume children spend a great majority of their time with a primary custodial parent. Today, many parents share approximately equal time with their children. If this is the case for you, shared legal and physical custody may be grounds to request a deviation from the guidelines.

Having a skilled and experienced attorney can make the difference between having to live without enough or being treated fairly by the courts.

Decades Of Experience, Commitment To Offering Real Hope

Attorney Margaret M. Hayes can help fight to tailor child support obligations to the individual circumstances of your situation. She understands the impact that child support obligations can have on a household's finances, and she will fight to help you secure obligations that work for you and your children.

Contact Connecticut Child Support Guidelines And Income Calculator Attorney Margaret M. Hayes

When child support is being decided, let Bristol child support attorney Margaret M. Hayes help you fight to protect your relationship with your children. To schedule an initial consultation, call 860-589-4121 or contact us online.

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